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Over the years, I have worked with non-profits, social entrepreneurs and change-makers. Below is a curated collection of some of my favorites.

SR insta (1).png

Full branding and web design project for Arizona-based interior design company, Saguaro Roots. Warm, elegant and modern.

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Rebranding and website refresh for real estate investment company, First Choice REI to reflect their innovative and professional approach to business.


Full branding and web design project for Arizona-based contractor whose values center on family and delivering high-quality customer service experience.


Refined, modern webisite theme for Wix users - inspired by eath-tones and architectural elements, this template is designed for bloggers and service providers.

Copy of Untitled.png

Website refresh for Chicago-based non-profit organization, Black Alphabet. Restructured to best showcase the organization's impact and share news articles relevant to the comunity.


Elegant & contemporary - essential branding project for Adloper House - a modern, affordable apartment project in Manila. This project speaks of style and comfort to reflect the property.

Untitled design (5).png

Branding strategy and implementation to give structure and cohesiveness to the visual representation and overall tone of the Tucson-based non-profit organization.


Branding project for social enterprise, Green Ventures based in Malawi. Designed to reflect their mission, values and vision.

Copy of Untitled (1).png

Website redesign for Amsterdam-based mindset coach, Steph Panther - highlighting her business' mission, personality and professionalism.


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