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Three ways to stay "on-brand"

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Remember that branding doesn't stop at your logo or even your website. Make sure you extend your brand identity in everything that you do and in every way that you communicate with your audience. Case in point, check out this matching client welcome guide and website template I've recently created for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Create a distinct experience that your clients (and dream clients) will recognize time and time again as they continue to interact with your brand. Here's how:

⚡1. Use cohesive images. This rings especially true if you're DIY-ing your brand and you're doing your own photography or using stock photography. Make sure that your pictures all have the same tone (filter, lighting, color variation - basically, mood) and evoke how you would like your brand to come across. For example, if your brand stands for minimalism, avoid using images that have way too many elements and contain various colors.


⚡2. Stick to your brand guidelines! Please, please, please. I know that there are many cool fonts and new color trends, but stick to your brand guidelines you (and/or your designer) have decided on. This is how you'll be recognized by your clients and the people who have lurked in your IG feed in the past and may want to work with you in the future. Imagine if you purchased a bright red can of coke with it's nice curly font, only to find that it's nowhere in sight next time you go to the store. Instead, it's replaced by a blue can with bold, block letters that says "coca-cola." Would you trust that it's the same brand?


⚡3. Mind your words! Notice how you write/or speak - do you come across friendly and casual in one post and then super technical and formal in another when you're discussing your products and services? Make sure that you keep your voice consistent as it's a major component of your brand identity - it's who your brand is if it were a person. Your brand should be relatable to your target audience, so make sure that it's one they would want to listen to.


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