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What attracts the right clients

The answer is simple.

What attracts the right clients is YOU.

Sometimes, we complicate it and say things like "identify your target audience," "niche down," "find your niche," or "build/join a community."

When looking for clients, yes , you have to do those things. But before you jump into those things, you must do some essential ground work. Consider first how you align with those clients. Is who you are aligned with those dream clients of yours to begin with?

So now you may be asking: How do I align myself with my dream clients? Well, it takes some introspection.

My answer to that question is actually a bunch of counter questions that I'd like you to answer.

What do you care about? What is the common ground between you and your clients? Is it your style? Is it your personal mission or values? Is it your love for fashion? Your love for food?

For me personally, I love that what I do can make a difference in the lives of people and their businesses. When you hear of branding or web design, you don't really think of it as making an impact. But it does. Actually, any work that has a positive benefit creates an impact. In addition to that, I love a modern, clean, warm aesthetic. I love interiors. I love personal development. I love coffee table books. I love organization. I love seeing people's kindness and compassion.

In different ways, I started integrating the things that I love into the things that I create. You'll find those inspirations throughout my portfolio, my store, even the things that I pin on Pinterest. And over these past couple of weeks, I've been seeing some incredible results. More clients with good hearts and transformational projects have been reaching out and I couldn't be more grateful.

While these clients come from all different walks of life, have different opinions and even different languages, I find that we always have something in common. Something that we both truly, genuinely care about. It feels so natural and easy to connect with them.

So believe in yourself and follow your passions. Recognize your value and what you have to offer and in turn, the right clients will recognize you too and choose you as the right partner for their business.

Do what feels natural for you.

And the rest will follow.


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