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#WordoftheWeek Driven

Happy Monday! Happy February! I love it when a new month starts on a Monday - I feel like there's an energy boost that comes along with it. And because of that, the word of the week for me is driven.

I have a couple of big goals this month and I'm kicking it off with the Word of the Week series. I learned a couple of years back that what some people would do in lieu of making a new year's resolution is assigning a theme for the year (for example: fitness), instead of being inundated or pressured by resolutions that are hard to stay committed to. To be honest, at first I thought that 2021 would still a big question mark just like its cruel sister, 2020, thanks to the pandemic. But then throughout the month of January, I've had some time to reflect. Life is what you make of it. Despite all of the challenges that we faced globally in 2020, there were still some good things that have happened and it's healthy to focus on those. And if those good things could happen with little to no effort, what more if we just put in a bit of effort like we would in normal circumstances. So while it's a month late, I'm setting my intentions for 2021 starting with weekly motivational themes or Word of the Week for a snappy alliteration.

This week's theme is "driven." My intention is to channel my energy to taking action towards my February goals. Here's a glance at my goals for this month:

  1. Launch a new product line on Etsy

  2. Begin a new personal project - Journey to Thirty (more on this later)

  3. Strengthen my Pinterest strategy

  4. Get taxes done!

  5. Start using a work diary again (I used to this when I worked a full time job - I should have never abandoned the practice)


What about you? Do you set a theme or an intention for your week?


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